While hiking in the great outdoors of Eau Claire, you need to take a trip out to the Town of Union Conservancy. This is a 125-acre wooded area that contains hiking, snowshoe and horseback riding trails along with a great opportunity for hunting and birding. The scenic views found in the heart of the conservancy will have you feeling as if you are taking a breath of fresh air for the first time along with getting some pics to make your insta-followers wondering where you are and if they can go too. Before you take a trip there, see what you can expect at Town of Union Conservancy.

Town of Union Conservancy Sign in West Eau Claire

What to Expect

The conservancy is found at the corner of White Pine Dr & Deer Park Road on the west side of Eau Claire. Once there, you’ll be greeted by artistic carved-wooden signs. Park your car in the gravel lot and get ready for your adventurous hike. At the main trail-head, there is a detailed map of the different trails that you can enjoy. Pro-tip: take a pic of the map with your phone to avoid getting lost in the trees. Plan your route and take in the naturistic vibes around you.

Town of Union Conservancy

What to Pack

Depending on what time of day your visit is, the first thing to pack is bug spray and bring a lot of it. The creepy-crawlers love to come out especially after a light rainfall. Another explorer's item to bring along is a water bottle. There are a variety of trails to hike and the distance can quickly add up. Make sure you are taking care of yourself. Feel free to pack along things to cook-up since there is an outdoor grill that you can use before you start your hike. While you’re hiking, it might be good to bring a pair of binoculars so you are able to spot different types of birds hiding up in the trees. Don’t forget the camera! A view overlooking the Chippewa River on the River-Top Walking Trail will be the pinnacle of your visit.

Bring your adventure buddies and make a day of it at Town of Union Conservancy. We want to see the pictures you take so be sure to add #CaptureEC when posting your pics! Happy trails!