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Gear Share in Eau Claire

Wintermission teamed up with Altoona Public Library, L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library, Pinehurst Park, and Chippewa Valley Museum to offer Wisconsin residents and visitors winter gear for free through Wintermission's Gear Share Program. Each Gear Share location offers different equipment at different hours of they day. Check here what each location has available for you to rent out at no cost to you along with details about each location.

Chippewa Valley Museum


Tuesday: 5-8 PM
Wednesday-Saturday: 12-5 PM

How long can I have the gear?

Customers may keep their gear until staffing hours end. 

Gear Available
  • 6 pairs of snowshoes
    • 14 " with bag
    • 14" with bag & poles
    • 21" with bag
    • 21" with bag & poles
    • 21" with bag & poles
    • 30" with bag
  • Poles (2 pack) extends 26"-53"

Pinehurst Park

To help navigate the abundance of fun winter recreation opportunities at Pinehurst Park, check out this map and this blog that highlights why Pinehurst Park is the ultimate winter wonderland. Click here to learn about Winter After Hours at Pinehurst Park and the other programming they'll have for the 2021-22 winter season.


Pinehurst Park is open to visitors 6 AM-11 PM daily but is only staffed and attended during the hours listed below.

Monday - Friday: 4 PM-7 PM
Saturday - Sunday: 12 PM-4 PM

How long can I have the gear?

There is no time limit. However, you must return gear before staff hours end.

Gear Available
  • 30 pairs of snowshoe
    • 10 Youth ("25)
    • 10 Adult Medium (28")
    • 10 Adult Large 
  • 10 sleds 
  • 6 hockey sticks
  • 1 Kubb set
  • 12 soft hockey pucks
  • Broomball sets

Altoona Public Library


Monday - Thursday 9 AM-8 PM
Friday 9 AM-6 PM
Saturday 9 AM-5 PM
Sunday: Closed

How long can I have the gear?

1 Week. There are no holds. However, you must have a library card or Wisconsin Driver's License to check out gear from this location. Likewise, customers must be 18 years or older to sign a liability waiver required for check out. 

Gear Available
  • 13 pairs of snowshoes included with laminated maps and a basic snowshoeing book 
  • 1 ice fishing kit

L.E. Phillips Memorial Library


Monday-Thursday 9 AM-8 PM
Friday-Saturday 9 AM- 6PM

How long can I have the gear?

You can check out the gear for one month. However, you do need a library card or Wisconsin's Driver's License to check out gear from this location.

Gear Available
  • 10 snowshoe kits (includes snowshoes, trekking poles, a snowshoe book, and laminated maps)
  • 1 ice fishing kit (includes fishing pole, auger, tackles box with assorted tackle, book, and backpack/chair carrying case)
  • Skittle Set
  • Viking Bowl
  • Goofy Golf
  • Ladder Ball