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What in the world is Crokicurl?! Where can I find it?! How do I play?! We're sure all of these questions have put your head in a whirl, so here are all the answers to make sure you're ready to play the game when you visit River Prairie! 

What is Crokicurl?

Crokicurl is a game that is a combination of curling and a Canadian board game called "Crokinole". The objective of Crokinole is to get the highest score by ending up with more discs on the board than your opponent, and you do that by flicking discs from the outside of the board into the rings drawn on the board. The objective when curling is to get your stone as close to the center as possible while also knocking out your opponents too. So, these two separate games sound very similar. Why not make it into one and play it all winter long? Well, Canada did that! They invented "Crokicurl" and were the initial inspiration for bringing this one-of-a-kind game to the States. River Prairie is now the first and only place in the United States where you can play Crokicurl yourself.

A crokinole board, a game invented in CanadaPhoto of Crokinole Board Game

The objective for the game of Crokicurl is to get the most points by shooting the stones into the center button and positioning the stones on the rink so they remain within the highest scoring rings by the end of the round.

Where can I find it?

The Crokicurl rink is located at River Prairie in Altoona, WI on the west side of the park in between Cowboy Jack's and 44 North right underneath the hanging lights. After you crush a game, head over to any of the restaurants surrounding River Prairie for some celebratory drinks! Find it on the map here >> MAP!

How do I play?

1. Corkicurl is played with 1-2 player teams. Teams of 1 play from opposite quadrants and teams of 2 players have the team members stand in opposing quadrants. On teams of 1, player throw 4 stones each and teams of 2 throw two stones each.

2. Flip a coin to start! The team that wins the coin flip can decide which team goes first/second and which quadrant(s) they would like to play from. The team that lost the coin flip gets to choose their stone color first. 

3. A shot is accomplished by sliding the stones onto the playing surface and releasing it before the starting line (view figure for reference). The stone can be played from any point as long as it is within the player's quadrant. Players can put their feet against the side rail while shooting their stone.

4. The first player will try to slide their stone into the button to try and score 20 points. If the first or any subsequent stone successfully lands inside the button, it is to be removed immediately, set aside, and counts as 20 points at the end of the round. If a stone is shot when the rink is open and fails to touch any portion of the red ring, it is removed from play.

5. If the first or following stones do not land in the button, subsequent shots must attempt to remove the opponents stones from the playing surface unless there are no stones within the playing surface. If a player's stone fails to make contact with an opponent's stone, the player's stone is removed from the game. 

6. The object of the game is to position your team's stones in the best scoring position on the rink to have a higher total of points at the end of a round.

7. No players are allowed to enter the colored rings during the game unless they need to remove a stone.

8. Players cannot change quadrants during a round.

9. Play proceeds in a clockwise fashion alternating between each team and player.

10. Scoring occurs after all the stones have been played. Team can play several rounds until a team reaches a pre-determined score (i.e. 200 points) or, teams can play best out of 3,5 or 7 rounds. After a round is done, the losing team of that round chooses whether they want to throw first/second in the next round.

11. If a stone lands on a line between two rings, the player receives the score for the higher-scoring ring even if is barely touching it. 

Anatomy of the Crokicurl rink in River Prairie

Where to get Crokicurl stones

A key for the Crokicurl storage box is available at:

  •  Parks & Recreation Office | Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 3 PM
  •  44 North | Tuesday - Friday, 3 PM - 9 PM
  •  44 North | Saturday - Sunday, 11 AM - 9 PM

Crokicurl at River Prairie in Altoona (info) from Visit Eau Claire on Vimeo.

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