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Call to Artists

If you're interested in creating a ColorBlock mural, please see the rules and guidelines and fill out the Google Form below.

Submit the following by May 1, 2022

1. Complete artist application (Google Form below)
2. Colored sketch(es) of up to 3 different mural designs (originals or JPEGs)
3. Up to 3 examples of previous original work (JPEGs)

Sculpture Tour will provide basic materials, including paint (see "Rules & Guidelines for colors), paint trays, brushes, drop cloths, and ladders. The artist must provide any additional supplies they wish to use. Please contact with any questions. We can't wait to see your work!

Rules & Guidelines

1. Artists under the age of 18 may participate with adult supervision.

2. Artists may apply as individuals or small groups.

3. All proposed murals designs must be original to the applying artist(s).

4. Mural designs must be appropriate for all ages, and for public display.

5. Proposals will be juried by the ColorBlock Committee of Sculpture Tour Eau Claire and will be subject to approval by building owner(s). These parties reserve the right to reject any proposal at any time.

6. You may submit up to 3 different mural designs.

7. Each mural site will be at least 40 sq ft. Shape and orientation may be subject to change.

8. Proposals will be judged on the following criteria (in no certain order): appropriateness for public display, creativity and individual style, and demonstrated artistic ability (previous work).

9. The following colors of paint will be provided by Sculpture Tour (based on the standard color wheel, colors are subject to vary slightly): bright yellow, yellow ochre, cadmium red, magenta, ultramarine blue, phthalo green, burnt sienna, black, white. Any additional materials required must be supplied by the artist(s). All paint used must be outdoor latex paint or outdoor spray paint. Sculpture Tour can reject the use of any outside materials at any time.

10. ColorBlock requires all parties present to abide by COVID safety guidelines, including wearing PPE (masks) and social distancing. Safety guidelines will be evaluated on an ongoing basis pending the status of COVID-19.

11. Murals will remain on display from August 2022-July 2023. Some murals may remain on display longer.

12. ColorBlock is not responsible for any damage or vandalism sustained to murals during this time; however, ColorBlock coordinators will make efforts to repair murals if needed.

13. A stipend of $150 will be given to each selected artist or artist group.

14. Every mural design will include the artist(s) name, as well as the name of the site sponsor.

15. ColorBlock is responsible for pairing artists with site sponsors and allocating artists to each mural site.

16. ColorBlock reserves the right to use images of in-progress and completed murals for marketing, fundraising, promotional merchandise, etc. on behalf of Sculpture Tour, 501(c)(3). Artist(s) maintain the rights to their design.

17. Selected artists must demonstrate respect toward the alley, businesses, public, and other artists at all times. ColorBlcok and Sculpture Tour have the right to disqualify any artist(s) at any time.

18. No persons, organization, business, or entity involved with the ColorBlock or Sculpture Tour will be responsible for any bodily or personal injury or property damage of any nature that may be suffered by the artist, associates or employees, agents or subcontractors, or any other business, entity, or organization, in the performance of this project.

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