If you take a walk or drive around downtown Eau Claire, you’re sure to wonder about all of the sculptures that fill the sidewalks and parks.

These are all part of the Sculpture Tour Eau Claire, an asset to the vibe of Downtown Eau Claire. Since its inception in 2011, Eau Claire has loved the Sculpture Tour, and here are just a couple of things that this public art exhibit contributes to the city:

1. New sculptures every year

Eau Claire Sculpture Tour

You'll never get bored of seeing the same sculptures around the city. Every single May, new sculptures from regional, national, and international artists are brought in and the old ones go back to their creators. This means that every single year you get to experience the magic of discovering new sculptures all over again.

Did you really fall in love with one of the sculptures and are just too sad to see it go? Well, you’re in luck, because every year one sculpture gets to stay and grace the streets of Eau Claire permanently. You can vote for the People’s Choice Award, and the sculpture with the most votes gets to stay.

2. Claim to the 2nd largest sculpture tour in the nation

Eagle Sculpture in Sculpture Tour in Downtown

Sculpture Tour Eau Claire has been a hit and has even grown to over 50 sculptures throughout the years, making it the second-largest sculpture tour of its kind in the nation. This artsy city is the perfect venue to call the Sculpture Tour home. Locals and tourists alike appreciate all of the public art that the Sculpture Tour brings to Eau Claire.

3. All age fun

Eau Claire Sculpture Tour

We get it, it’s hard to find something that people of all ages will enjoy. Luckily, Eau Claire has that with the Sculpture Tour. Bring the kids on a walk around Eau Claire to laugh at the funnier sculptures, such as the high-fiving dog or dancing eggs, and awe at some of the huge sculptures in Eau Claire that will tower over them. For the adults, see Eau Claire by following the tour. There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and shops you’ll want to stop in along the way!

4. A one-of-a-kind way to see the city

Butterfly Sculpture in Sculpture Tour in Downtown

Eau Claire has a lot to offer, and sometimes you just don’t know where to start! The best way to combat that is to simply grab a Sculpture Tour map and start walking. When you’re admiring all of the sculptures, you’ll also notice so much about the city. You’ll see the parks, the restaurants and bars, the shops, the people and more. There is no better way to see all of Eau Claire.

5. Even more beauty to the city

Eau Claire Sculpture Tour

Eau Claire is undoubtedly a beautiful city, and these sculptures enhance that. You can’t help but be in awe when sitting in a park by the river with gorgeous art all around you or really appreciate the downtown area when you’re walking from place to place with music playing from the light poles and sculptures surrounding you.