Save the Date: July 15-20, 2023!

We are incredibly excited to host TBEX North America in Eau Claire, WI on July 15-20, 2023! Located in northwestern Wisconsin about 1.5 hours east of Minneapolis, Eau Claire, WI is considered the Indie Capital of the Midwest. Here, our motto is "We go our own way but encourage everyone who visits to come along for the ride." There's nothing cookie-cutter here; our independent spirit shines through everything we do and the wealth of artistry in our city is sure to impress. Joins us for TBEX North America in July of 2023 to experience our cool, clear culture for yourself. See you soon!

Lean on us!

We are here for whatever you may need during your time in Eau Claire. Consider our friend Benny your lifeline! Text Benny Anderson at 715-214-7603 at any time if you are in need of assistance. Whether you need a ride, forgot your toothbrush, or are lost, we are here to help!

Oh, It'S HApPEninG!

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