About Us

Hosted by the Eau Claire Area Hmong Mutual Assistance Association (ECAHMAA Inc.), visitors to Eau Claire HmongFest 2023 will experience and celebrate our rich Hmong culture through an exciting two days of authentic Hmong food and craftsmanship, singing and dancing competitions, sports, and a night festival featuring local and national Hmong singers and influencers. 

By sharing these unique aspects of Hmong culture, we hope to foster strong relationships within and between the Hmong community and those who are open to learning about others in a fun and vibrant setting.

Additionally, this event will raise funds to help support Hmong community members, particularly Hmong youth, with extracurricular activities, scholarships, and culture & language classes. Some of the proceeds will also go towards building a commercial kitchen to facilitate traditional Hmong cultural practices, as well as contribute to entrepreneurial opportunities and Eau Claire Hmong Association’s programming.