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The Eau Claire Flying Eagles Ski Club is a non-profit organization set up to promote recreational and competitive skiing at all levels in the Chippewa Valley. This includes disciplines in ski jumping, cross country skiing, and alpine skiing. We offer a healthy alternative to overly competitive sports, Our family atmosphere and club environment provide opportunities for our youth to become champions - on the hill and in life! Become a member and get access to our facilities and events!

Silver Mine Ski Invitational presented by
Flying Eagles Ski Club

Note: Silver Mine Ski Invitational will not be taking place in 2024. Stay tuned for fundraising and facility updates! In the meantime, check out other Flying Eagles Ski Club events like their Annual Flying Eagles Invitational!

For all you snowbirds out there...Winter is a spectacle in Eau Claire, WI and it is best experienced in the great outdoors. One of the biggest two-day events that has people zipping up their parks and sliding their mittens on is the annual Silver Mine Ski Invitational presented by the Flying Eagles Ski Club. The Silver Mine Hill in the Town of Union is home to the ski jump that welcomes skiers from near and far to compete in both distance and style.

Silver Mine has been home to the Flying Eagles Ski Club for over 130 years. It's believed that there were only two sports in Eau Claire in 1885: ski jumping and log rolling. The history behind these sports has made Eau Claire the city it is today and events like the Silver Mine Ski Invitational help preserve these long-standing traditions. Throughout the years, the skiers have taken small jumps and have turned them into large leaps that take them soaring smoothly through the air. So while the skiers compete and take flight, you're invited to come watch and have a great time!

Viewers can stay warm gathered around the bonfires, eat and drink a variety of local foods and beverages, and kick back in the heated tents with their eyes peeled on the skiers' high-flying jumps. Don't dial the babysitter's number quite yet; this is a family affair, so bundle the kiddos up and bring them along too!

Learn how skiers prepare for this high-flying event!

Listen to how Head Coach, Nick Mattoon, prepares his skiers for the Silver Mine Ski Invitational!

A chat with Andrew Urlaub, World Cup Jumper, from the Flying Eagles Ski Club.

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