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Banbury History Tour + Meet The Artist 

Experience Banbury Place and Building 13 to see how the old Uniroyal factory in Eau Claire closed some 25 years ago successfully transformed into an artists’ and entrepreneurs’ community. You will learn about Banbury’s remarkable history and tour the building with one of the resident artists.

Then, get an exclusive look at the life of CV Peterson, an artist at Banbury Place. CV is a multidisciplinary artist residing in Eau Claire. They will let you into their world and teach you how you can incorporate art into your daily life. Their work combines scientific exploration and art as a way to examine environmental devastation.

Additional Information

Location: Banbury Place (930 Galloway St.), Building 13, Ste. 29
Pricing: $5 per person
Availability: Flexible booking
Minimum: 4 people
Length: One hour

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