Why You Should Hold Your Event at The Condensery

When you are looking for a space for your next event, whether it be a wedding or a meeting, look no further than The Condensery in Osseo, WI. Simply put, it's a "vintage venue with modern class". Here are the reasons why you should hold your wedding, group meeting, or event at The Condensery.

It's Historic! 

It's in the name itself. Over 100 years ago, the purpose of this building was to condense milk from its original form into other products like condensed or powdered milk. Back then, it certainly was not the grand size that it is today. World War I brought the need for the first major expansion because the country needed to produce larger amounts of product in order to feed military troops overseas. Once World War II began, The Condensery was added onto again to boost operations. Once the mid 1970's rolled around, refrigeration and other technologies replaced the need for condensing and the plant was forced to shut down. Between then and the late 1980's, the building was home to a few other businesses but eventually became primarily vacant. 

When the current owners set sights on the building, it was essentially being used as storage for classic cars along with being a destination for a few unwanted critters. The new owners saw the potential of this space and quickly got to work to repair the space in a way that updated its existing features but didn't strip it of its history and charm. This took contractors of different trades and talents to come together over two years and transform the venue into what it is today.

It's Grand!

Considering how many expansions and renovations this building has endured, it has become a very large site. It is comprised of essentially three rooms: The Loft Banquet, Middle Banquet, and End Banquet. Overall, the entire space equates to about 25,000 square feet which allows for a total of 650 people. 

It's Vintage & Modern!

Talk about the best of both worlds! If you are looking for a space to have your wedding and you want a classic and timeless feel, the Condensery will deliver that to you. Dream up your ideal theme and watch it all come to life on your big day. If you are in search of an event/meeting space for your group, then the atmosphere and energy of this place will help you set the perfect tone for your guests too.

It's Stocked with Amenities!

The banquet space is ready to serve with tables and chairs that are available right on site and are ready to be laid out on the day/s of your event. There are restrooms on site along with multi-purpose side rooms that can be used to fill the needs of your event as well. Did we mention the loft is equipped with a full bar with a variety of tap craft beers too? The beer doesn't stop flowing there! The Condensery is conveniently located right above a fully functioning microbrewery, Northwoods Brewpub, and is accessible by a glass elevator that connects the two floors of the building. At Northwoods, you can expect to find unique tasting beers, delicious food, and a fun atmosphere created with pool tables and good music. What more can you ask for?!

Have we convinced you yet? If you have a wedding approaching and are in need of more information, The Condensery has a list of resources like caterers, photographers, videographers, lodging, florists, you name it, on their website to help bring your special day to life just the way you imagined it. If it's a meeting or event that you're planning, let us help you! Our Group Sales Manager, Dana Crossen, is happy to work with you to make your event between Osseo and Eau Claire one that will be remembered forever. Contact Dana at 715-829-2685 or at dana@visiteauclaire.com to get more details!