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Ju's Taekwondo Academy

Welcome to Ju's Taekwondo Academy. Taekwondo is a highly skilled martial art using bare hands and feet to repel an opponent.

There are 8 schools of Taekwondo. Ji Do Kwan is the leading and largest school. The general translation of Ji Do Kwan is "Way of Knowledge". Ji Do Kwan actions are unrestrained to allow more fluid movements unlike most other styles that emphasize ancient, rigid "robot actions".
Taekwondo is more than an art of action. It has spiritual significance, formulates one's character and creates a physical and mental awareness of one's own existence. The only way to truly understand Taekwondo is to experience it's training. Some of the benefits of Taekwondo training are...
• Self-defense
• Weight control
• Physical & mental fitness
• Improved coordination & agility
• Develop confidence & discipline
Ju's Taekwondo Academy classes are for men, women and children. Classes start with general warm-up exercises which includes body function, flexibility and balance exercises. Following this, students will learn and practice their Taekwondo techniques. Typical class time is 70 minutes and you may attend as often as you wish.
Classes are taught by Grand Master Ju and his staff of Black Belt instructors. Grand Master Ju's staff of instructors are 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th degree Black Belts giving students a variety of instructional experience. All Black Belts at Ju's Taekwondo Academy are World Taekwondo Federation accredited.