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Farm Technology Days

Farm Technology Days took place this year in Eau Claire on July 20-22, 2021 and holy cow, was it a blast (farm pun intended)! Check out these event statistics:

  • 52,000+ attendees
  • 520 exhibitors from 26 states
  • 1,532 volunteers
  • 3,867 farm tours

Take a peek at the recap above to see what this 3-day farming event was all about. Didn't get a chance to attend this year? Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is set to take place next year from July 12-14, 2022 at Roehl Acre of Loyal in Clark County. 

Innovation Square was an exhibit at the center of Farm Technology Days featuring five innovating Westerns Wisconsin farms who all represent different types of agriculture and farming in the Eau Claire area. The agriculture represented was apples, kidney beans, cheese, greens, horseradish, and salmon. Get to know all these exhibitors!


Immerse yourself into our city's horseradish culture by visiting our participating restaurants and ordering their Horseradish Hop featured menu item! Each check-in will bring you closer to winning some horse-RAD-ish prizes! Learn more about how the hop works and get your FREE mobile pass with the link above! 


#GiveItZing Tournament Champions! 
Owner of the French Press with an employee with Silver Spring aprons on

The French Press! 

On June 16, 2021, Visit Eau Claire partnered with Silver Spring Foods, Inc. to run a #GiveItZing Tournament over on Visit Eau Claire's Instagram to get in the horseradish state of mind before Farm Technology days gets here! 4 local restaurants (The French Press, Lakely, Lunchbox EC, and The Goat Coffee House) were challenged to create a menu item that features Silver Spring Foods, Inc. product as one of the ingredients. While each restaurant gave it their all and cooked up some delicious plates/drinks, the French Press's Chicken, Bacon, Avocado Melt featuring Silver Spring Foods Inc. Chipotle Ranch came out on top and was the fan favorite!

Plan a trip to the French Press and try it for yourself! Don't forget to "check in" with your Horseradish Hop pass too since the French Press is one of the participating locations! 


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