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The heart of Eau Claire is nestled right along the confluence of the Chippewa and Eau Claire Rivers. This is where you can see art lined on every corner of the streets, where you can hear live music everywhere you turn, and where you can indulge in the finest farm-to-table cuisine. One thing is for sure - downtown Eau Claire is not lacking in things to do. Catch up with friends over a cup of coffee, enjoy dinner with the family, or hit the bars to explore Eau Claire's nightlife. If there is a perfect backdrop for any occasion, it's downtown Eau Claire. 

Once you experience it, you'll be rushing to come back. The streets are lined with unique small businesses, local music playing, trees with lights, converging rivers, beautiful sculptures and murals, and there's more where that came from. 

You can come by walking, biking, kayaking, riding the bus, or driving. Once you park, you will have plenty to explore.

Things to Do in
Downtown Eau Claire

There is no shortage of things to do throughout the entire city but downtown Eau Claire is the hub for all things hip and happenin'. Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, there is something for you to explore and do in Eau Claire's downtown. Stroll down the streets to take in our local art scene with the Eau Claire Sculpture Tour and the Insta-worthy murals in the area, find a spot to lay your blanket in Phoenix Park for Volume One's Sounds Like Summer Concert Series, or catch a broadway show at Pablo Center at the Confluence. Your downtown Eau Claire experience is whatever you make it. 

Breakfast at The Lakely in the Oxbow Hotel

Restaurants in Downtown Eau Claire

Downtown Eau Claire is home to a variety of different restaurants that all bring something different to the table. You can expect delicious, farm-fresh ingredients on your plate from places like The Lakely or The Informalist, flavor-filled experiences at Eau Claire's international restaurants like Ninja Japanese House, and mean Old Fashioneds served up at typical Wisconsin supper clubs like Houligans Steak & Seafood Pub. Explore all the restaurants in downtown Eau Claire and plan where you'll dine on your next visit.  

Coffee in Downtown Eau Claire

We can't forget about our coffee fanatics. When you wake up in Eau Claire and need a little something to perk you up for the day, head over to any of downtown Eau Claire's coffee houses. They'll have exactly what you need. 

Guests and servers inside Dive in downtown Eau Claire, WI

Bars in
Downtown Eau Claire 

Whether it's a special occasion you are celebrating, wanting to catch the game on a big screen, or craving a beer "just because", there's a bar for you in downtown Eau Claire. Grab a beer on tap from The Fire House, drink under the stars at the Dive, or cheer on your favorite sports team at Dooley's on Water St. There will be a tasty cocktail or a craft Wisconsin brew waiting for you. 

Woman sitting on a King bed in a suite at the Lismore Hotel

Hotels in
Downtown Eau Claire

The Oxbow Hotel

If you really want to get the full "Midwest Indie" experience in Eau Claire, book your stay at the Oxbow Hotel in downtown Eau Claire. The hotel's design and overall vibe will make you feel like you've escaped to a woodsy retreat somewhere among the pines. Something rad you'll find in every room at the Oxbow is your very own record player. Didn't pack your favorite vinyl for your trip? No worries - the Oxbow lobby has a mini library of popular records that you could "check out" for your room. 

The Lismore

The Lismore Hotel in downtown Eau Claire offers a whole different experience for visitors. Its modern feel and sleek architectural design are a draw for travelers who come from near and far. Enjoy stunning aerial views of the city from your room along with the conveniences of having ECDC, The Informalist, the Dive right outside your room's door. 

Couple shopping together at The Local Store in downtown Eau Claire

Photo provided by Travel Wisconsin 

Shops in
Downtown Eau Claire 

Commemorate your time in Eau Claire with some locally made goods and souvenirs! Each of the shops in downtown Eau Claire has its own type of flare. Check out Tangled Up In Hue and The Local Store for goods created by local artists and makers, roam down aisles upon aisles of vinyl at Revival Records, or browse through a selection of locally handmade jewelry from Hello Adorn. Let's face it - your wallet would love a trip down the streets of Eau Claire just as much as you!

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