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People looking through records at Revival Records in downtown Eau Claire

7 Must See Views in Eau Claire

2 Minute Read

If there is one thing that is not lacking in Eau Claire, it's the views. From river scenery to architectural detail to beautiful parks, Eau Claire is undeniably full of incredible places to rest your eyes and reflect. Need a little guidance on where to take in some of the best scenic sights? Well…

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4 Favorite Ho-Ho-Holiday Coffee Spots

3 Minute Read

There's something about the way a hot cup of coffee goes down during the holidays. The rich and creamy flavors pair well with the warm and happy feelings that the holidays bring about and the caffeine boost is just another perk to a morning (or afternoon) cup of joe. Here are some of the places we…

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24 Hours in River Prairie

4 Minute Read

Get ready for a fun day in Altoona, WI! Many ask, "What is River Prairie?"... The better question is, "What is it not?!" River Prairie is a mixed-use development just a short drive from Eau Claire in Altoona, WI. While it's a unique park, a delicious restaurant hub, and a small business district, it…

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Best Places to Picnic in Eau Claire

5 Minute Read

Sometimes, it's about the simple things in life. Like picnics! The overload of serotonin that takes over your body when you're laying on a blanket in a park eating yummy foods with your bestie on a sunny day feels EAU so good! So, pick up a basket of salads, sandwiches, fruits, veggies, and of…

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