Christmas in July ads may make you think that there are no holidays between July and December. But fall brings with it two of the best holidays of the year. 

Of course, there’s Thanksgiving: traditionally celebrated with friends, family, food, and football. But before that comes Halloween. Halloween is that wonderful holiday celebrated by dressing in costume, trick or treating, and watching scary movies. If like me it’s your favorite of all holidays, there are some great ways to enjoy it right here in Eau Claire.


Let’s be honest. One of the best parts of Halloween is the free candy. And there are a couple of different places to do it outside of going door to door in your neighborhood. From 3-5 p.m. on Halloween, there will be trick-or-treating in Downtown Eau Claire. businesses on Water St., West Grand Ave., Graham Ave., North and South Barstow St. and in the Phoenix Park area will be handing out treats. Also on Halloween, Oakwood Mall will host a family-friendly Halloween night from 5-7 p.m. Just look for the pumpkin signs in storefronts of participating stores. You can also look for a list of participating businesses October 27. There’s also usually trick-or-treating in the UW-Eau Claire residence halls. Check online for details.

Ski Sprites Haunted House

Nothing says Halloween like spending a night in a haunted house. And once again this year the Ski Sprites Water Ski Team will be putting on a haunted house event to remember. Dates for the event are: October 12, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, and 28. The event will happen between 7 and 11 p.m. This year’s theme will be a haunted hotel. It’s a great way to support the Ski Sprites Water Ski Team and enjoy a few good scares. For further details check their website.

Corn Maze: Schultz’s Country Barn

If The Shining and Children of the Corn taught us anything, it’s that mazes can be absolutely terrifying. Of course, in the real world, they can be scary but also fun. There are multiple places to enjoy corn mazes in the Chippewa Valley. But one of the best right here in Eau Claire is at Schultz’s Country Barn.  Go through the more challenging maze and try to make it to all the checkpoints. For the younger kids, there’s a fantasy trick-or-treat corn maze. While you’re there you can also buy fall produce, including those pumpkins for jack-o-lantern carving. Don’t forget to check out their farm animals too. This year the theme of the corn maze is the Wisconsin Badgers. It opens September 23rd and runs through October 31st. For further details including admission costs and times visit their website.
Whether you want to see how long you can last in a haunted house or spend the day collecting candy with the kids downtown, Eau Claire has you covered this Halloween season.