Here I am at twenty years old with big ideas, little money to my name and lots of love for my mom.

So, when holidays like Mother’s Day spring up on me, I have no clue where to begin my search for the most perfect, thoughtful,  and unforgettable gift - one that doesn’t break my piggy bank. After lots of searching, I have come up with a wide variety of ideas for gifts and activities that you can do with your mom, grandma, wife or really anyone who deserves a little extra love this holiday. For your convenience, these gift and activity ideas are categorized by price. 


Farmer’s Market

On a tight budget? Well lucky for you there are some free things to do in EC to celebrate your mom. First on the list is waking up for a morning walk and heading over to the Farmer’s Market where you can pick out pretty flowers and fresh veggies to cook up a tasty meal.

Down to Earth Garden Center

Another great, picture perfect place to celebrate mom is the Down to Earth Garden Center. With your camera in hand, you can walk through the gardens, having your mom pose for classic Instagram-worthy pictures next to the beautiful flowers.



After walking over to the Farmer’s Market, continue over to ECDC for some cheap coffee in a cute atmosphere. I have to say, I’ve tried my fair share of coffee joints in Eau Claire, and ECDC always leaves me feeling more hipster and happy than the rest.

Tangled Up in Hue

I know this is a no brainer, but if your Mom is a fan of artsy trinkets and witty signs, you have to stop by Tangled Up in Hue on Barstow Street. Their new location is bigger and better, with unique items ranging in prices that fit all budgets.

Higher end:

The Florian Gardens

At the higher end of the spectrum is brunch at the Florian Gardens from 9 AM to 2 PM. The prices range from $0-$22.95 depending on age, so it is a perfect family event for mom, grandma and the rest of the crew.

Personal tip: When enjoying brunch, have each family member go around and say their favorite memories with mom. It is guaranteed to make her day!

Cheers Pablo

At $35/person, another fun and memorable option is painting your own canvas while sipping some wine alongside your artistic (or not-so-artistic) mom. Then when you get home and hang the canvas on display, you will be reminded of the fun Mother’s Day experience you shared.

No matter what you do to celebrate your mom this Mother’s Day, be sure to make her feel loved!