Marshfield Clinic sponsored Scout Night at Carson Park for the Eau Claire Express this summer.  This includes a special package for Boy Scouts that allows them to camp out on the field after the game.  In respect of the national anthem the Boy Scouts started off the game with a flag processional out onto the field and then it was time to play ball!

Keon and Nate are Boy Scouts and participated in the Visit Eau Claire Zorb Ball Race between innings and they told me what it’s like to be a Boy Scout!  Every Scout is nominated and voted into a special position to obtain responsibility within the group.  Nate’s favorite position was Patrol Leader because he liked being in charge and Keon’s favorite was Scribe because he knew everything that went on behind the scenes and be a part of any changes that were made to events.

The boys and the rest of the Scouts have an exciting end of summer event to look forward to if they stay active in the community.  Scouts that make rank by getting a certain number of badges can go on a canoeing and camping trip to Northern Michigan.  They are very excited about this upcoming event and I wished them luck at obtaining their badges!