Raggedy Man | 215 N Barstow St | 715-495-0879 | hello@raggedymanec.com

Meet the man behind the Raggedy Man, Matt Pabich. A home-grown graphic designer bringing Downtown Eau Claire access to the non-local, non-sensical vibe this wanderlust small city deserves and desires. Newly situated in the North Barstow District, Raggedy Man adds to the unique gift culture by supplying items not offered by local makers.

From tea towels for your kitchen to tea bags for your bath, Raggedy Man aims to help you treat others or simply treat yourself with the unique gifts that can be found within the shop walls—now doubled in size since their move from their corner store in South Barstow. Pabich offers gifts ranging from the sweetest to the sassiest and all priced affordably. Lined shelves and speckled walls invite patrons’ eyes to sift and sort from one original gift with a quirky spin to the next drawing smiles from ear to ear.

Hear your ears ringing? Someone must be shopping for you at Raggedy Man, selecting a greeting card for that special or just-because occasion beckoning their cohort shopping pal to saddle up and share a quip about the quirkiness of the card. Whether browsing (loads of eye candy in this shop) or shopping (again, at affordable prices), bring a friend or two—fun, funny antics are bound to ensue while inspired by the collection Pabich has arranged for you!

As the saying goes, “your vibe attracts your tribe,” and Pabich not only curates a vibe at Raggedy Man, but he cultivates a vibe for all of downtown. When asked how Raggedy Man can impact downtown Eau Claire, Pabich hopes that other business owners and patrons alike will be inspired to become involved in the movings and shakings of the downtown business districts. A regular at the table, Pabich aims to improve the downtown districts while cultivating a culture of fierce friendliness and authentic attitudes.

Pabich and his Raggedy Man offer an eclectic assortment of gifts for one and for all—an inclusive, one-stop-shop for all your gifting dreams—all the while working hard behind the scenes to guarantee downtown Eau Claire is the destination of your dreams. We tip our hats to that!