As a member of the Fun Patrol team at Visit Eau Claire, I have been given the opportunity to visit many local treasures at our bi-weekly meetings and this past week we visited Pinehurst Park. These meetings serve to increase our understanding of local businesses and happenings as well as have fun in the Eau Claire area! Ryan Grilley, Pinhurst Terrain park manager, hosted our team while we met for some education on the city's plans for Pinehurst park.

For those of you who don't know, Pinehurst Park is located between Chippewa Falls and Eau Claire and is known for its colossal hill that is used for skiing, snowboarding and tubing in the winter months. I remember being a child tubing down this hill with my family while sporting my "Full-house" style neon windbreaker, white-washed jeans, combover, with a doofy buck-toothed smile my face. Oh the memories from Pinehurst hill.... Luckily I was able to talk to Mr. Grilley after our meeting to hear more about the awesome plans at Pinehurst...and they are indeed AWESOME!!

Mr. Grilley and his team of volunteers intend to transform the park into a full-fledged winter sports buffet, if I may. Soon to implement rope tows, snow making machines and a light system, the Eau Claire community is eager to soon boast about our winter sports scene which includes sledding, tubing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, skating and hockey! This chilly little gem is currently in phase two of a three-phase process, which consists of some massive landscaping plans. The organization is excited to have the hill up and running possibly as soon as winter 2014-2015!

I invite you to join in all the fun that Pinehurst Park has to offer the Chippewa Valley when the snowflakes begin to fall!