Sometimes we have to roll with the punches. That is exactly what the team behind Eau Claire’s Blue Ox Music Festival did. While we weren’t quite able to come together like we do every year to immerse ourselves in the Bluegrass and Americana music we love, Blue Ox put together a virtual line-up that had festival-goers streaming the event, pitching tents, and cracking open craft beers from their backyards. 

The virtual festival was Live From The Pines featuring a 2-day line-up that spread good vibrations all over the world as people tuned in from their homes. 

Pert Near Sandstone Kicked off the virtual party with a warm welcome message and wrapped the festival up each night with performances that celebrated the release of their new album ‘Rising Tides’. Although nothing is comparable to the real-life event, the audience came together online spreading peace, love, and positivity with their photos and Facebook comments. 

No worries if you missed it. You can watch the virtual festival in its entirety on the Blue Ox YouTube channel here: 

Friday, June 12, 2020:

Saturday, June 13, 2020:

Until we can safely gather again and dance hand in hand, you can throw your own music festival whenever you want! As the virtual festival came to a close, Pert Near Sandstone put out an uplifting message that serves as a great reminder to us all. 

“...This much is clear: we would not be here without you being here too; music can heal us; we do not all share the same beliefs but we have to value the health of our communities and the individuals that make it…”

We hope to be together again soon, Blue Oxers. Stay tuned on the Blue Ox Music Festival website for updates on the next in-person event.

Photos by Ty Helbach Photography:

Charlie Parr at Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Adam Greuel Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Pert Near Sandstone at Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Them Coulee Boys Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival


Dick Huckfelt Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Pert Near Sandstone Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Charlie Parr Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Pit Wagon Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Kind Country at Live in the Pines Blue Ox Music Festival

Virtual attendees shared their photos too!


We all know that nothing could ever replace the real-life experience of attending Blue Ox, especially over such a beautiful weekend but we appreciate each and every one of you for showing up. Thank you for spending your weekend with us and sharing how you celebrated virtual Blue Ox at home with your friends and family. You are all amazing! Our streams reached 300,000 viewers from all over the nation and the world across both Facebook and YouTube. --- Sending a huge shout out to our wonderful partners: @bellsbrewery @nicolet_law @jamgrasstv @thecurrent @nugsnet and @northernsunproductions as the virtual weekend would not have been possible without their support! --- If Blue Ox has ever made an impact in your life, whether it was through the people you met here who are now your best friends, to opening your mind to new music and creative expression, to an unforgettable camping adventure, then please consider contributing if you can to help keep the experience alive into the future. --- In addition to helping assure our family owned festival’s wellbeing, your contribution will also help cover the operational costs of putting this virtual event on, the performing artists and their crew as well as local Eau Claire charities and organizations. --- Thank you for being such a supportive community! *Venmo @BlueOxFest *Paypal: @BlueOxMusic * Search Blue Ox Live from the Pines (links also available on our website in the news section) #saveourstages #VirtualBlueOx @pertnearsandstone

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