There's something about the way a hot cup of coffee goes down during the holidays. The rich and creamy flavors pair well with the warm and happy feelings that the holidays bring about and the caffeine boost is just another perk to a morning (or afternoon) cup of joe. Here are some of the places we think you should check out during the holidays in Eau Claire when you need some coffee to own the day.


One of the newer coffee houses to open in Eau Claire, Kahvi brings some different coffee shop vibes to the south side of Eau Claire. The building itself gives off an urban feel and once you enter inside, you're greeted by detailed elements that boast the coffee house's Scandinavian roots. In Swedish custom, "Fika" is "a break from activity during which people drink coffee, eat cakes or other lights snacks, and relax with others." That's where Kahvi's signature drink gets its name! Their "Fika Mocha" is a white mocha with caramel swirl that is topped with whipped cream to create a sweet and savory cup of goodness. 


Sometimes, a cup of coffee is just not complete without a side of something sweet. Plus, baked goods made from scratch are just a tiny piece of what makes the holiday so great. How about authentic, French, made from scratch baked goods? No, you don't need to go as far as Paris to get them; we have them right here in the Chippewa Valley at the Nostalgic Bean! Their bakery in Altoona specializes in food that you will not find anywhere else like their lavender vanilla shortbread, homemade English muffins, macarons, tarts, and much more. After you pick out your sweet treat, add a cup of coffee to your order and make your trip to the Nostalgic Bean one that you will be reminiscing on every holiday season. 


How about a coffee shop that also serves as an antique shop? The Osseo Nickel Barn & Coffee Shop is the place you need to go if you want to get your coffee and do some shopping all in one spot. Not to mention, the small-town hospitality you get with your cup of joe is unmatched by the big corporate coffee brands. Snag yourself a Peppermint Mocha and browse through the barn for some antique treasures that will find a good home at your place or will make a fantastic gift for the ones you love this Christmas


EAU there's no place like SHIFT for the holidays! SHIFT is not only a craft coffee bar but also a cyclery that sells and services bikes in downtown Eau Claire. If you come here for the brews, you can expect nothing but the absolute best and top-quality coffee. You can even purchase a few bags to take home with you. When you order your Christmas cup of deliciousness, don't skip out on getting some of their waffles too. There's just no single word to describe how scrumptious they are! 


Share with us your favorite places to get a cup of coffee during the holidays in EC with #CaptureEC and #EauWinter. We want to see what you're sipping on!