Locally sourced and in support of the arts!

Eau Claire Guitar Works LLC is hooking you up with the chance to win an awesome guitar while helping your community at the same time! Check out the 5 reasons you should have this beautiful masterpiece on your wishlist:

1. It's a Way to Give Back

What’s better than a win-win? That was the thought of Eau Claire Guitar Works LLC when they decided to create a guitar in support of The Confluence Arts Center. The goal of raffling off this guitar prototype is to give back to the local artists and to benefit the community and area arts.

2. It Holds a Local History

Back in 2016, local musician and Pine Hollow Audio owner Evan Middlesworth (right) reached out to Tim Brudnicki (left) of TreePurpose of Eau Claire in search of some local wood for a guitar body. Evan then contacted local guitar luthier Gordy Bischoff (middle), and before long Evan had himself a sweet local guitar and had connected two Eau Claire professionals into a partnership destined for locally sourced greatness.

3. It's the First of its Kind

In the midst of building the guitar for Evan, Tim came up with the idea to create a guitar in support of The Confluence Project, and asked Gordy to partner with him in business - thus the inception of Eau Claire Guitar Works LLC. This Prototype is the first produced under the Eau Claire Guitar Works name and is literally what brought the company together.

4. It Is Made From Locally Sourced Wood

If you haven’t heard about the Emerald Ash Borer, you’re about to. This nasty bug has been making its way to Wisconsin for some time now and once it does, it will seal the fate of many of our amazing ash trees. In an effort to delay this horrible day, the EC forestry department is cutting down area ash trees. Unfortunately, that still met an untimely death for these beautiful living works of art. But never fear, Tim and Gary are up cycling those gorgeous Eau Claire ash trees into the bodies and necks of their guitars.

5. You can Enter to WIN It!

Did we mention, you could win this amazing piece of history? Tim and Gordy have partnered with Eau Claire Regional Arts Center (ECRAC) to donate this beautiful instrument in a raffle ticket giveaway. Tickets are $10 a piece and can be purchased in person at ECRAC, Volume One, Schmitt Music, Pedals Plus Music, Speed of Sound and Morgan Music. Oh, and if you are lucky enough to meet Gordy, you can get tickets from him as well.

So, if buying one (or many) of those awesome raffle tickets wasn’t on your to do list yet, it’s time to add it.