This summer marked the third annual Eaux Claires Festival, and it did not disappoint.

Justin Vernon and Aaron Dessner’s famous music festival located on Foster Farms drew an even bigger crowd this year despite the rough weather. This festival is unlike any other. Focusing on art, music and spontaneous collaborations, this year was no exception to the unique Eau Claire atmosphere. Luckily, even if you didn't make it to the two-day event, we did, and we have your one stop review for a few of the stand out acts.

The Act Worth the Wait - Chance the Rapper

After last years surprise collaboration, Chance was officially added to the lineup for this year. He had fans camping out near the Lake Eaux Lune stage all day just to be near the front. When his set officially started around 10pm, everyone knew why they had waited all day through the rainy weather. With high-energy sing along to acoustic ballads, Chance brought the crowd with him on his personal music journey. At the end of the night he had brought out Bon Iver and Francis and The Lights to do a trio song. The Chicago native easily won this category.

Best Dance Moves - Francis and The Lights

When doors opened on Friday, Francis was on stage to teach fans the dance moves to his famous song “May I Have This Dance”. Then later on in the day he took over his own stage and brought many fans up with him to dance. Electric and crazy moves paired with high energy secured Francis this title.

Biggest Surprise- Sylvan Esso

Having never really paid attention to or heard Sylvan Esso’s music they won biggest surprise category. The indie pop duo from North Carolina had not only great upbeat and catchy music; they brought the light show to go with it, as well as claiming the runner up spot for Best Dance Moves.

Biggest Beat Drop- Danny Brown

Danny is without a doubt the winner for this category. He brought the rap music to day two of the festival, along with enough subwoofers to make your heart shake a little.

Best Sing Along Act- Paul Simon

Not much explaining has to be done as to why Paul Simon wins this category. His easy to follow songs and reminiscing factor had the entire crowd in complete awe and people of all ages were singing along with ease.

Make sure to check out the full lineup and website for updates on this years festival as well as next years!