Eau Claire is home to a lot of incredible people, where even the most unique talents can be showcased. The Ukulele Klub of Eau Claire provided entertainment during the UW-Extension Annual Showcase.

The Ukulele Klub of Eau Claire is a group of individuals who love playing the ukulele and music. Around for four years, the Ukulele Klub invites anyone looking to share their love of the ukulele by listening, learning or playing! 

What’s the difference between a ukulele and a guitar? The members explained that a ukulele is basically just a guitar on the 5th capo with two less strings. If you know how to play guitar, all you need to do is transpose the chords. 

I had the opportunity to talk to Gordy Bischoff, leader of the Ukulele Klub and owner of Bischoff Guitars. Being a professional musician, Gordy understood a players’ needs in an instrument. He creates beautiful, handcrafted guitars and ukuleles, and was inspired to help found the Ukulele Klub of Eau Claire. 

We are really a diverse community with many different talents, and we are lucky to have so many outlets for expression. Why not start a new hobby today? The Ukulele Klub meets once a month, every third Tuesday of the month, at Pizza Plus on South Barstow. They convinced me to try it out, and I hope to see you there!