Hit, Run, Score!

Visit Eau Claire and Eau Claire Express Baseball have teamed up to offer an interactive, exclusive behind-the-scenes tour! Here are 6 reasons for you and your traveling group to participate in the Eau Claire Express MVP Experience. Tour ticket information can be found on the Eau Claire Express website or the Visit Eau Claire website.

All The Views

Eau Claire ExpressWith the Eau Claire Express MVP Experience, participants have the opportunity to tour historical Carson Park Stadium from every angle. This includes the press boxes which have "the best, most unobstructed view" of any baseball field the team's general manager has ever seen. Next, view from the stands and fan deck, and even the field itself. While on the field, feel like a true Express baseball player by hitting, pitching, and running the bases if you so choose.

Eau Claire Express History

Eau Claire Express BaseballThis team has an incredible history and was the starting place for quite a few famous baseball players. There's a reason why the Eau Claire Express team and Carson Park are such staples of the Eau Claire community. The tour guides of the Eau Claire Express MVP Experience – the team's owner and general manager – take a fun and interactive approach to share the historical information. You don't have to be a baseball fanatic to be truly fascinated with the stories and facts presented. 

Behind The Scenes Perspective 

Eau Claire Express BaseballThe tour begins about two hours before the game, so participants get to see what goes on before fans fill the stands. The near-empty stadium allows for the appreciation of many things that often go unnoticed in the hustle and bustle that occurs once the game begins.  

Eat With The Team

Adding to the behind-the-scenes experience, participants can sit down and share a meal with the team. They'll see how the team prepares for a game and learn more about their personal experiences. A lot of players are from out of state, so it's interesting to hear how they got to Eau Claire.

Pregame Participation

As Eau Claire Express MVP's, participants have the choice to sign up for some of the many pregame events.

Free Beer

Eau Claire Express BaseballOn top of all of this, participants 21 and older get to sip on the team's signature craft beer, The Kurve, throughout the tour. 

Now it's your turn to be the real MVP. Make sure you #CaptureEC to share your photos with us!