A playlist of local music to fuel your Eau Claire summer adventures.

Eau Claire has so much to offer year-round, but summertime comes with particularly endless opportunities. Here's a compilation of local artists and their music that will set the tone for whatever local path you choose to follow. Be it hiking around Mt. Simon or Big Falls, lounging around or checking out the Famer's Market at Phoenix Park, canoeing, fishing or tanning at Half Moon Beach, exploring the rad downtown area and it's local businesses, tasting craft beer at The Brewing Projekt or the Lazy Monk, hanging in a hammock at Owen Park or floating down the Chippewa River, this music will set the perfect mood for your summer weekend in Eau Claire. 

It's crazy how many talented musicians started out in the Eau Claire area. After hours of searching—and I truly left no stone unturned—I was able to create a playlist comprised of over 100 amazing songs. To save you some time, I widdled that number down even more to some of my personal favorites. Alright, time to listen:

*All of these songs can be found on Spotify*

Justin Vernon

Justin Vernon

This just wouldn't be an Eau Claire-specific playlist without the native, and now Eau Claire icon, Justin Vernon. 
Vernon, most known for his role in the band Bon Iver, also does work with The Shouting Matches and Volcano Choir.

Bon Iver

Bon Iver at Eaux Claires in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Image credit; Ty Randerson

(Made up of Vernon, local artist Sean Carey [S. Carey] who is also featured below as a solo artist, Matthew McCaughan, Michael Lewis and Andrew Fitzpatrick)

Track 1: Skinny Love
Track 2: Holocene 
Track 3: Re: Stacks
Track 4: Blood Bank
Track 5:  Beach Baby
Track 6: 29 #Strafford APTS
Track 7: 715 - CREEKS 

The Shouting Matches

(Made up of Vernon, local artist Phil Cook who is also featured below as a solo artist, and Brian Moen)

Track 8: I Had A Real Good Lover
Track 9: I'll Be True
Track 10: New Theme
Track 11: Avery Hill 

Volcano Choir

(Made up of Vernon and other Wisconsin musicians Jon Mueller, Chris Posenau, Matthew Skemp, Daniel Spack, Thomas Wincek and Andrew Fitzpatrick)

Track 12: Byegone
Track 13: Tiderays
Track 14: Comrade
Track 15: Alaskans

S. Carey

Track 16: Rose Petals
Track 17: More I See
Track 18: Fool's Gold
Track 19: Yellowstone
Track 20: We Fell
Track 21: In the Dirt

Phil Cook

Track 22: Steampowered Blues
Track 23: Gone
Track 24: Miles Away
Track 25: Anybody Else 
Track 26: Belong

Idle Empress

Idle Empress

Image credit: IG @oxbowhotel 

(Made up of Lauren Anderson, Josh Frederick and Elliot Heinz)

Track 27: Winter
Track 28: Wanderer
Track 29: Woods
Track 30: Certain
Track 31: Absence 
Track 32: Habits
Track 33: Envy

J.E Sunde 

Track 34: Thorns and Roses
Track 35: Prism
Track 36: Easy Kid
Track 37: The Works of My Hands 

The Daredevil Christopher Wright

(Made up of Jon Sunde, Jesse Edgington and Jason Sunde)

Track 38: I & Thou
Track 39: A Near Death Experience at Sea
Track 40: The Daredevil Christopher Wright
Track 41: Stewardess

Ben Shaw 

Track 42: Love Lays Lying
Track 43: April
Track 44: Feet to the Fire
Track 45: Love Someone (feat. Shannon Curtis)

Pit Wagon

(Made up of Matthew Vold, Matthew Mabis and Emily Jensen) 

Track 46: Whiskey
Track 47: Kassandra

The Millenium

The millennium

Image credit: @kyle_lehman_

(Made up of Matt Hasenmueller, Brandon Bruyette, Casey Sproatt and Josh Becker)

Track 48: Midnight Bones
Track 49: Let My Love Open the Door
Track 50: Stay


(Made up of Hannah Mae Morton, Bex Morton, Mookie Morton, Zach Brawford, Ethan Schmidt and Evan Middlesworth)

Track 51: The Experiment
Track 52: Painting Circles
Track 53: I Am Not Afraid of the Sunrise
Track 54: Parking Lot

Sniffle Party

Track 55: All The Snow is Gone
Track 56: Peach Dream
Track 57: Cavalier 

Lizzy Diane

Track 58: Hocus Pocus
Track 59: Jolly Rancher

Happy listening! And as always, thank you for supporting local artists. 

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