Want to get away with little commitment? Take a drive down the road and head to Stanley and Thorp!

We know how it can be in the winter months, sometimes you just need to get away, but you don't want to travel too far. Well, when in doubt, head down the road to Stanley. They've got great shopping for the ladies and while your at it, head down a little farther to Thorp.

Moms from all over the Chippewa Valley flock to Broadway in Stanley. They have women covered, literally, from head to toe with accessories, clothing and shoes. The styles offered in the boutique are carefully selected and tailored to the stylish women looking for a unique shopping experience. Oh, and don’t forget my two favorite words - coffee and wine. WHAT?!?!?! Sip and shop to your heart’s content. This shop will be the highlight of your day.

Would it really be a day out in Wisconsin without a visit to a farm? No, the answer is no. So head over to Thorp and visit Marieke Gouda! Check out the flavorful food at the local cafe and tour the farm alone or with a guide! This isn’t any normal farm experience - visitors get to watch the cheese making process! The visit isn’t complete without meeting Wheyd, the mouse mascot for Marieke Gouda.  This experience will leave lasting memories of your day away. 

A trip to this area is not complete without a visit to the Thorpedo. Arguably the best-named restaurant in the state of Wisconsin, this family restaurant offers comfort food in large portions served by locals with a warm smile. Every stereotypical small town restaurant cliche is available at the Thorpedo and executed with precision, heart and pride for their small town. Stop by for a dessert on your way back to Eau Claire and end your trip with an exclamation point!

The feeling of “Midwest Nice” runs rampant in these small towns and a day trip to the area will leave you with a smile, a full belly, and a happy heart. Enjoy your day away and plan your next trip soon.

*Photo Credit: @grmttnr*