We asked the locals and they answered:
Welcome to Wisconsin, where cheese is more than just food… it’s family! And what better way to eat cheese than deep fried and shared with friends. Eau Claire locals have been around the cheese block a time or two and wanted to let you know about all of their favorite places to get their cheese curd fill!

Favorite Cheese Curds - Dooley's Pub - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
If you like your cheese curds big, messy and oh so tasty, this is the place for you!

The Livery
Favorite Cheese Curds - The Livery - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
As if their laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere wasn’t enough, they had to add delicious cheese curds to their plate too (literally)!!

Houligans Cheese Curds - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Looking for a nice dinner in downtown Eau Claire but still want to get your cheese on? This is the place.

Favorite Cheese Curds - Mogies - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Crispy and delicious, it’s hard to stop with these bite-size curds.

The Plus
Favorite Cheese Curds - The Plus - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Add an extra kick to your curds by ordering the Pepper Jack cheese curds at this downtown bar and restaurant.

Milwaukee Burger Co.
Milwaukee Burger Cheese Curds - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
If you’re looking for some curds on game day, look no further. Fun atmosphere and to-die-for cheese curds.

Favorite Cheese Curds - Culver's - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
There are not many Wisconsinites who don’t love this chain - and not only for their custard, but also for their cheese curds.

Favorite Cheese Curds - Grizzly's - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Pair your golden-brown cheese curds with some delicious tap beers!

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