Eau Claire’s first modern dance festival is premiering this summer, on August 26th.

It will include several local artistic endeavors, including music, spoken word and, obviously, dance. The festival is located throughout downtown Eau Claire, including three outdoor locations and two indoor venues. Following are seven reasons to come check out the festival.

1. To Watch Dance

While this may sound obvious, the opportunities to observe live dance in Eau Claire are relatively limited, and viewings of modern dance are even rarer. The Eau Claire Dance Festival is different from most dance shows in that the performance spaces are not on a stage, but are scattered throughout downtown Eau Claire. How often does one get to see live dance while shopping for groceries at the Farmers’ Market?

2. To Hear Professional Music

Jeremy Boettcher and Tim Sullivan will be playing music as part of the festival. They will be improvising, which means that what you will hear will likely not be performed in that exact way again. Jeremy and Tim play together frequently at the Lakely and other locations, and their ability to play together and off of each other is strong. Stop by the Volume One Store to hear them create!

3. To Hear Music from UW-EC Students

The university’s musical talent is sprinkled throughout the Eau Claire Dance Festival. Lucas Larson will be playing trumpet at the Oxbow Hotel, and he will also be improvising. There is also a jazz combo band made up of university students, led by Ben Phillips, at the Owen Park Bandshell. They will be performing a set song that has been rehearsed.

4. To Hear a Local Writer

Andy Patrie, an English teacher at North High School, has written a piece exclusively for the Eau Claire Dance Festival. Want to hear his thoughts on the current Eau Claire artistic Renaissance? Stop by the Baroque sculpture on Grand Avenue to hear him perform this latest work!

5. To Witness the Creative Process

Many of the performers in the Eau Claire Dance Festival: Act I are improvising, or making up their art on the spot. Simultaneous improvisation will be happening at the Volume One Local Store as well as the Oxbow Hotel; the musicians and dancers will both be improvising for the entire performance.

6. To Go for a Nice Walk

Act I is scattered throughout downtown and is organized like an art crawl so that one can walk from performance to performance. What better way to spend a beautiful Saturday morning than to walk throughout downtown and witness art in the community?

7. To Get Prepared for Act II

This is simply the first installment of the Eau Claire Dance Festival. Act II will be coming at a future date and will be a more traditional dance performance all about Eau Claire. Look for more information about it at Act I!

So now that you know, whats stoping you? Lace up those walking shoes and head downtown on August 26 to witness Act 1.