We signed up for a week of Delivery Bistro and loved it. 

I've wanted to try a meal subscription service for a while. In some ways, I'm the perfect candidate: I love to cook, but with two working adults, I've spent more evening staring at the fridge, trying to decide what to make than I care to admit. The food was always there, but planning rarely was.

Here are five reasons why we loved our week subscription to Delivery Bistro.  

1. Delicious Meals

Teriyaki Chicken Tacos

Teriyaki Chicken Tacos Delivery Bistro
This meal combined two of our favorite things: Asian food and tacos. Both the sauce for the meat and the Asian slaw was perfection, and this meal left us full and satisfied. The chicken was tender, veggies were crisp, and our bellies were full. It was the first meal we made, and it single-handedly sold our household on Delivery Bistro. 

Wild Mushroom Stroganoff

Delivery Bistro Mushroom Strogonoff
For full disclosure: I am not a huge fan of mushrooms. I can do them in limited amounts with inappropriate amounts of butter. So this dish didn't tickle my fancy, but my husband ate it right up. Savory and mushroom-y – if you love those two things, then this dish is for you! Bonus: it's a vegetarian dish!

Cube Steak Parmesan

Delivery Bistro Cube Steak Parmesean
Cooking confession: I've never breaded and cooked anything. It never seemed like something I needed to do, and it seemed messy. This recipe called for it and the handy instruction card talked me through breading and cooking the cube steak. It wasn't nearly as messy as I had initially worried.

All of this dish was delicious, but my favorite part was the crispy bread. While eating this delicious, warm Italian loaf, it struck that this was one of the biggest pluses to a meal delivery: it's an easy way to get those little things you never buy but enjoy like really good Italian bread or avocado oil. 

Mongolian Steak Stir Fry

Delivery Bistro Mongolian Stir Fry
As I already hinted at, our household is big into Asian inspired food, so again this meal received five stars from the taste-testers. The flank steak from Augusta Farms was incredibly tender and well flavored after a short marinate. The veggies were fresh and crisp and again, one of those things little things I never remember to buy: sesame seeds. Everything came together in this delicious dish.

2. Customization

You can select meals based on the number of people in your family and the number of meals you would like a week.  There are "gourmet" and "classic" meals to choose from. Each "gourmet" meal is equivalent to two "classics", so you get the best deal by choosing more "classics." However, the "gourmet" meals will be more adventurous. Either way,  it's easy to mix and match. If you miss selecting the meals for a week, you can have Delivery Bistro send you meals based on your preferences. 

3. Easy Delivery

Delivery Bistro Bags

The delivery comes in either boxes or re-usable insulated bags. Individual meals are then organized within. The boxes can be recycled, but if you go with the bags, you place those outside on your next delivery date.

4. Easy Instructions

Delivery Bistro Packaging

Each meal came with easy to follow instructions, making cooking easy for all levels of cooking abilities. Another bonus, we were initially worried about all of the waste that all the prepared and divided food would create, but all of the containers were recyclable. I've ended up reusing most of the bottles and packaging for an upcoming camping trip.

5. Flexibility

It's easy to pause for a while and then resume delivery when you are ready, and it seemed way easy than other subscription services I've utilized in the past. 

6. Local Company, Local Food

Delivery Bistro is based out of Eau Claire, and they get a lot of their food locally. I love supporting a local business that supports other local businesses. 

Eau Claire locals (and beyond), have you tried Delivery Bistro? What are your thoughts on our own homegrown meal kit service?