We asked the locals and they answered:
We’ve all been there. We had plans to spend the day outside, get some yard work done, burn off some energy… but then, Wisconsin weather happened. If you still want to get out of the house (or want to get the kids out of the house), all hope is not lost! These are the top places the Eau Claire locals suggested for rainy day activities.

Downtown Budget Cinema
Favorite Rainy Day Activity - Downtown Budget Cinema - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Of course it just feels right to go to a movie on rainy days. Save some money by going to the Downtown Budget Cinema -- a fun experience for all ages!

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library
Favorite Rainy Day Acitivites - L.E. Phillips Memorial Library - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Cozy up with a few good books at the library! It’s easy to spend hours here.

Children’s Museum of Eau Claire

Favorite Rainy Day Activities - Children's Museum of Eau Claire - Photo by: Mack John
If your kids need to run around for a few hours and explore new places, this is just the right place.

High Roller Skating
Favorite Rainy Day Hangout - High Roller - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Another energy burner, High Roller Skating will be fun for the whole family.

Revival Records
Favorite Rainy Day Activity - Revival Records - Photo by: Kelsey Smith
Avoid the rain while checking out all of the music, old and new, at Revival Records in Downtown Eau Claire.

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