Here’s the deal: Valentine’s day is coming up and this year, fancy chocolates just aren’t going to cut it. (Well, unless they’re sea salt-caramel chocolates.)

With all due respect to the sanctity of committed relationships and to the Roman God himself (sorry, Cupid), there is something other than love to focus on this weekend:

The Eaux Claires lineup.

Side note: if you're looking to WIN a belated v-day present, keep scrolling.

Now don’t get your panties, boxers, or briefs in bunch! We’ve figured out the perfect formula that allows you to both cuddle after a candlelit dinner and listen to the compelling sounds of the 2016 Eaux Claires lineup.

Below is a diverse playlist of Eaux Claires love songs to make this Valentine’s Day eaux so special: 

Don’t forget to slip into your comfy Eaux Claires apparel this Sunday.

We’ll be giving away a 2015 ECX t-shirt, a Phil Cook t-shirt, a 2015 Bon Iver ECX poster, and a copy of The Staves' "If I Was" on vinyl this Friday, February 19th. One of them could be yours!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Eau Claire! Eat as many sea salt-caramel chocolates as you want, but remember where your heart is: Eaux Claires.