Leinenkugel’s has been a pillar of the Chippewa Falls community, brewing their beloved beers there for six generations.

To mark their 150 Year Anniversary, the Leinenkugel company and the Leinenkugel family are throwing a two-day celebration, August 11-12, in Chippewa Falls. Activities will be held at both the Leinie Lodge and at the Northern WI State Fairgrounds (attendees must be 21 years of age to enter the Fairground event). If you’re a fan of Leinie's beers, here are a few of the Anniversary weekend activities you might want to participate in while cracking your favorite cold one! 

The Wisconsin Red Pale Ale Connoisseur

Chippewa Falls’ neighbor Eau Claire is the Kubb capitol of the United States, and what better brew to imbibe during Saturday’s Kubb tournament than the Wisconsin Red Pale Ale. Brewed for and sold exclusively in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Red Pale Ale was created as a tribute to Leinenkugel’s home state. If this is the Leinie's brew you can't live without, you might find your brew brothers playing a round of Kubb. 

The Summer Shandy Aficionado

Leinie's Summer Shandy is exactly like summertime in Wisconsin - here for a few brief, delightful weeks, and then gone, and we dream of it during the long, cold winter months. Enjoy Summer Shandy’s delightful taste while listening to the outdoor concerts, another summertime staple in Wisconsin. If Summer Shandy floats your boat, you could find your mates cracking a cold one with the summer sounds of Jerrod Neimann and Collective Soul, and local legend Sue Orfield. 

The Classic Devotee

You can’t go wrong with Leinenkugel’s Original! If Original is the your go to, make sure to meet the Leinenkugel family and Brew-masters and raise a glass together on Friday and Saturday at the fairgrounds!

The Honey Weiss Admirer

Alongside the games, music and meet-and-greets, you’ll find a variety of local food vendors. If Honey Weiss is your "sweet tooth" fix, mix it in with some savory fried cheese curds!

The Something Different Supporter 

Maybe, just maybe, you’re like me and beer really just isn’t your thing. I know! I know, this is Wisconsin! But stay with me here...Berry Weiss is the perfect brew for taking part in a celebration of a now nationally known company that has kept roots in its hometown for 150 years. Take the brewery tour and pick up some swag at the Leinie Lodge! Purchase the $10 tour package, enjoy two 12oz beers and take home a complimentary Leinie’s pint glass. I won’t tell anyone if both beers happen to be Berry Weiss, you might even find your other half during this adult approved shopping excursion. 

For more information on the Leinenkugel anniversary celebration, including purchasing tickets and registering for events, visit www.leinie.com, or www.gochippewafalls.com