Get your Kubb on year-round in Eau Claire!

You may have heard about some lawn game that a lot of people play in Eau Claire. You may have heard that kubb is a big deal in the area and that Eau Claire is the city hosts the U.S. National Kubb Championships. Maybe you were a bit perplexed what this game is all about, or perhaps you've even played a game, or two, or fifty. 

It is true that the US. Kubb Championship tournament is a big deal, but there are so many more opportunities to learn and play kubb. In fact, it really is a year-round sport. Take a look at this handy guide for kubb events coming up!

1. Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Kid Kubb Instruction 

Thursday, June 12th

Perfect for youth wanting to learn how to play kubb, this one day program is free for students from grades 2-12. Register online with Eau Claire Parks and Recreation and get your kids involved at a young age!

2. River Prairie's P10 Festival Tournament 

Saturday, June 16th

What's the P10 Festival? It's a chance to get out and enjoy the new River Prairie area of Altoona. To celebrate, Altoona has put together an extensive (and I really do mean extensive) variety of activities, including a Kubb Tournament. Kubb is open to teams of two, with team members over the age of 8. 

3. Pre-U.S. Championship Tournament 

Saturday, June 30th

Want to get some practice in before the U.S. Kubb Championship? Then do not miss the Pre-U.S. Championship! This one-day tournament is sure to get you in the right mindset. All skill levels are welcome to participate. 

4. Kid Kubb (U.S. National Junior Kubb Championship) 

Friday, July 13th

Specifically for kids age 12 and younger, this Kid Kubb tournament caters to the younger kubb players. Teams of two or more will play round-robin, with the top four teams receiving their medals on Saturday, July 14th, at the start of the 2018 U.S. Kubb Championship. 

5. U.S. National Kubb Championship 

Saturday, July 14th-15th

The main event is the largest kubb event outside of Europe! Up to 128 teams, with a minimum of three players, will complete round-robin to be crowned U.S. Kubb Champions. There's a lot of spectators, competitors and liveliness happening all around.

6. WHYS Radio Bluegrass Festival 

Saturday, August 18th

Like Bluegrass? Like Kubb? Then you're probably from Eau Claire and WHYS Radio Bluegrass Festival is the event for you! Compete with a team of two or more at Lake Altoona Park, and enjoy a day of music and kubb. 

7. Eastside Hill Neighborhood Derby 

Sunday, August 19th

Did you know the U.S. Kubb Championship started in the Eastside Hill neighborhood at Boyd Park? It's since outgrown this Eau Claire neighborhood, but they still host their very own kubb event to keep the tradition alive. The Eastside Hill Neighborhood Derby is definitely something you'll want to check out.

8. Eau Claire Kubb League Fall


Cooler temps don't mean you need to put away that kubb set; it just means it's time to bundle up a bit more while playing kubb. Both competitive and recreation divisions play in the Eau Claire Kubb Fall League, and the league culminates at an end of the season tournament. 

9. Eau Claire Kubb League Winter (sand indoor)


Don't let the snow keep you away from kubb, just move indoors! Both competitive and recreation divisions play, and the League culminates at an end of the season tournament. Spots are limited, and they fill up fast! No one wants to wait until summer to play kubb again.

10. Eau Claire Kubb League Winter Meltdown (sand indoor)


Don't have the time to play a whole league season, but want to keep playing kubb in the winter? Then this one-day tournament is for you (and at least two more kubb buddies!) 

11. Eau Claire Kubb League Spring Has Sprung Tournament (sand indoor) 


This short tournament is for those who are itching for Spring but are not quite ready to brave the outdoors yet. Enjoy the small Spring Has Sprung Tournament from the comfort of the indoors.

12. Eau Claire Kubb League Spring


After a long winter of indoor kubb, it's finally time to head back outside. Just like in the Fall, competitive and recreation divisions play, and the League culminates at an end of the season tournament. 

13. Leinenkugel's Kubb Championship


If playing in a kubb tournament at Spring Fest doesn't scream "Spring," I don't know what does. Grab two or three of your closest kubb buddies, and get ready to celebrate the new season and kubb. 

While you're checking out or competing in all these kubb events, don't forget to share your photos with us using #CaptureEC.