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People looking through records at Revival Records in downtown Eau Claire
Downtown Eau Claire, Inc.

Raggedy Man is a Vibe

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Raggedy Man | 215 N Barstow St | 715-495-0879 | Meet the man behind the Raggedy Man, Matt Pabich. A home-grown graphic designer bringing Downtown Eau Claire access to the non-local, non-sensical vibe this wanderlust small city deserves and desires. Newly situated in the North…

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Ever-Changing to Preserve the Past

3 Minute Read

The Chippewa Valley Museum | 1204 E Half Moon Lake | 715-834-7871 | History is static… dusty, maybe even downright musty, right? At the Chippewa Valley Museum, that’s simply not the case. The museum continues to do an amazing job of preserving and protecting our past, but when you…

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