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Chippewa Falls & Chippewa County

Beginning in the historic downtown of Chippewa Falls, follow the Chippewa River deep into logging country on this fascinating tour of Chippewa County. See one-of-a-kind pieces of history like the Cobban truss bridge, the Cornell Pulpwood Stacker, and the Holcombe Indian statue. And of course, learn about the region's most famous resident, Old Abe. From Holcombe, drive through scenic hills of glacial moraine country before emerging back onto level prairie farmland. This tour ends with a double shot of relaxation. Visit the Leine Lodge and tour the Leinenkugel's Brewery and then kick back with the animals in Chippewa Falls' expansive Irvine Park.

Take The Tour

Photo: Bridge Street business district in Chippewa Falls, 1900-1905

Downtown Chippewa Falls

1. Introduction - Play track 1 as you drive to Site #1. When you get to Chippewa Falls, park on Bridge Street in between Spring St. and Grand Ave.

2. Chippewa Falls - Play track 2 once parked on Bridge Street between Spring St. and Grand Ave. in downtown Chippewa Falls.

3. Heading out of Chippewa Falls - Play track 3 when you're ready to leave Chippewa Falls.

4. Lake Wissota State Park side trip - Play track 4 when track 3 ends. Your next turn is a right on County S, about 3 miles from downtown.

Photo: Old Abe, 1876

Old Abe Monument, Jim Falls

5. The Wissota Terrace / Chippewa City / Regional History / Jim Falls Preview - Play track 5 once you're out of the roundabout heading north on Hwy 178. Drive 9 miles on 178. As you approach the bridge over O'Neil Creek, look for a few old buildings on the right. Chippewa City was located right next to O'Neil Creek. Your next turn is a right on County Y to cross the river into Jim Falls. Park in the small lot next to the statue of Old Abe the bald eagle just across the bridge.

6. Old Abe - Play track 6 once parked next to the Old Abe statue in Jim Falls.

Photo: Cobban Bridge, contemporary photo

Cobban Bridge

10. Old Abe State Trail side trip - Play track 10 while still at the Old Abe statue.

12. The Cobban Bridge - Play track 12 once parked at the Cobban Bridge historical marker (on the left side of the road).

Photo: Cornell stacker, 1913

Cornell Stacker

13. Directions to Cornell - Play track 13 as you leave the Cobban Bridge wayside.

14. Cornell Stacker and History - Immediately after crossing the Hwy 64 bridge into Cornell, turn left into the parking lot of the Cornell Visitor Center. Play track 14 once parked. Feel free to walk around or stop in the Visitor Center.

Photo: Logs tumble through the main sluice gate in the Little Falls Dam as observers look on, 1909


15. Directions to Holcombe #1 - Play track 15 when you're ready to leave the Cornell Stacker. (Follow Bridge Street/Hwy 64 east out of town.)

16. Directions to Holcombe #2 - A few miles after turning north on Hwy 27, you'll pass a couple trucking and excavating businesses on your right and a cemetery on your left. Play track 16 after you've passed them.

17. Directions to Holcombe #3 - Play track 17 as you enter the village of Holcombe.

18. Holcombe - Play track 18 once parked by the Holcombe Town Hall. Get out and view the Holcombe Indian display next to the Town Hall.

Photo: Glacial Moraine Rustic Road, contemporary photo

Glacial Moraine Rustic Road

19. Leaving Holcombe / Pine Point Park side trip - Play track 19 when ready to leave Holcombe.

20. Chippewa County Forest / side trips to the Ice Age Interpretive Center and/or the Flambeau Ridge - Play track 20 once you've passed the intersection with County CC (aka Ridge Line Rd). The main tour route follows County M to County E and then goes south on E. SIDE TRIPS: To visit the David R. Obey Ice Age Interpretive Center, stay on County M and drive 9 miles west to the Center. To drive up scenic Flambeau Ridge, follow County E north about 3.5 miles.

21. Glacial Moraine Rustic Road - Play track 21 once you've turned south onto County E.

22. Directions to Hwy 124 - Play track 22 when you reach the intersection with Hwy 64.

Photo: Eagle Point Town Hall, contemporary photo

Eagle Point Town Hall

23. Directions to Twelve Mile House - Play track 23 once you've turned south onto Hwy 124. The Twelve Mile House is 1.4 miles after the turn at the intersection with 182nd Ave.--the first road entering on the right. It's easy to miss, so keep your eyes pealed. Turn right onto 182nd Ave to get a better look.

24. Twelve Mile House - Play track 24 once on 182nd Ave next to Twelve Mile House. Twelve Mile House is private property, so look only from the road. Then return to southbound Hwy 124.

25. Quarries and Directions to Eagle Point Town Hall - Play track 25 once back on Hwy 124 heading south.

26. Eagle Point Town Hall - Play track 26 once parked in the lot next to Eagle Point Town Hall.

Photo: First Cooperative Power Generating Station, contemporary photo

First Cooperative Power Generating Station

27. Directions to Site 8 - Play track 27 as you go over the bridge (it's the only time you're not going straight and flat). Look for the sign pointing you to a historical marker. Pull in next to the marker.

28. First Cooperative Power Generating Station - Play track 28 once parked next to the historical marker.

Photo: Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls, 1910

Leinenkugel's Brewery

29. Directions to Leinenkugel's Brewery - Play track 29 as you approach the roundabout intersection of Hwy 124 and County S.

30. Leinenkugel's Brewery - Play track 30 when parked in the Leine Lodge parking lot. Brewery tours are available on a first come first serve basis. Beer tasting is available as you wait.

Photo: Postcard of bridge scene in Irvine Park, 1915

Irvine Park

31. Directions to Irvine Park - Play track 31 when you're ready to leave Leinenkugel's.

32. Irvine Park - Play track 32 once you've entered Irvine Park.

33. Credits