Eau Claire, Wis. (Feb 1,  2022) - Visit Eau Claire is proud to announce the launch of ‘Eau, Snow! Winter Challenge’, a mobile-exclusive pass that features local winter recreational activities throughout the Chippewa Valley. This mobile pass was made possible by collaborating with Eau Claire, Dunn and Chippewa County Healthy Communities coalition. Users can create a free account through their mobile devices and win prizes for getting outdoors and participating in wintertime recreational activities. The pass utilizes geolocation technology, which automatically checks in users when they arrive at a featured location and participate in activities such as  snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing, and many others. 

"From sledding to cross country skiing, Eau Claire has a huge variety of fun activities to do in the wintertime, “said Executive Director Benny Anderson. “We know that the winter can be a difficult time for some people to get out and get active, so we want to highlight some of the awesome things that our amazing city has to offer during the colder months of the year.” 

This mobile pass is part of the Wintermission initiative, a groundbreaking program to reduce social isolation and support outdoor physical activity in winter. You can learn more about wintermission at https://www.visiteauclaire.com/winter/. This is the fourth mobile pass that Visit Eau Claire has launched through Bandwango, a technology company designed to support experiences created by destinations and marketed to visitors and locals. Users can visit: https://www.visiteauclaire.com/things-to-do/bucket-lists/winter/eau-snow-winter-challenge/ to download their free pass. A link to the pass is immediately sent via text and email and directs the user to add the button icon to their home screen so they can access the pass on their phone at any time. When the user arrives at a featured location and accesses their mobile pass, geolocation technology will automatically verify their location and successfully redeem their check-in. The more locations the users visit, the more prizes they will earn. 

To see what the prizes are and to learn more about the mobile pass, visit this link