Eau Claire, Wis. – GameDay Competitions is holding the Benchmark Brawl Eau Claire at Hobbs Ice Center on Saturday, June 27. The fitness competition for CrossFit athletes will consist of two-person teams from Minnesota and Wisconsin competing in four divisions.

CrossFit is the sport of fitness which constantly varies functional movements performed at relatively high intensities. It also embraces the community that is fostered when athletes perform these workouts together. This communal aspect of CrossFit is a large reason why it has become such an effective method of exercise.

The Benchmark Brawl will consist of four scored team events and a final event for the top-scoring teams. The team events will be based off the classic CrossFit Benchmark WODs. WOD is the "Workout of the Day" which are created by CrossFit and are daily workouts performed by CrossFit participants.

Saturday’s fitness competition will begin at 8 a.m., and spectator admission is free. More information regarding CrossFit and the Benchmark Brawl Eau Claire can be found at GameDayCompetitions.com. Visit Eau Claire is sending this press release courtesy of The Benchmark Brawl. Visit Eau Claire effectively markets the Eau Claire area as a destination for conventions, group tour, sporting events, and leisure markets; to promote regional economic growth; to enhance the area’s overall identity and image; to sell fun, promote fun, and most importantly – Have FUN!