Hospitality All-Stars in Eau Claire

A large part of what makes Eau Claire the city that it is are the people that make up our community. When visiting Eau Claire, your experience will be shaped by people who we consider to be "Hospitality All-Stars", or otherwise known as individuals who go above and beyond in Eau Claire to make sure it's known that Eau Claire is a city for all. Hear some of their stories and why they do what they do in the videos below. 

Meet Marissa Eddins, the General Manager at Draganetti's Ristorante. Learn about what a typical day looks like for her at work and what it means to give visitors a good dining experience.

Say hello to the ever so wonderful Beth Nelson, the Breakfast Attendee of Residence Inn and Fairfield Inn in Eau Claire, WI. Beth won the 2019 Fairfield Breakfast Ambassador Award for the way she serves and cares for Eau Claire hotel guests. Learn more about Beth and what makes her a true Hospitality All-Star!

Meet Serena Wagner, Owner and Art Director of Odd Humyns, and Sarah Jayne Johnson, Creative Director and Operations Partner at Odd Humyns. Learn about the vision behind Odd Humyns and how the work they do educates the community as a whole and makes their visitors feel like they truly belong.  

Sit down with Chris Johnson, the owner of the Passion Board Shop and the host of the "Passion Pod" to learn why he is so passionate about the Eau Claire community and what he does each day.